Global Consultancy

Case Study: Avanade

  • Mapped “Modern Workplace” companies globally
  • Structured and enriched data
  • Created Acquisition and partnering short-lists

The Challenge

Microsoft have invested in HR technology as a growth area. Avanade (the MS and Accenture joint venture) are mobilising around the concept of ‘Modern Workplace’ to provide supporting service offers. Forestreet were asked to provide a data snap-shot of the existing market. Specifically, Avanade wanted to identify firms and products that they should partner with or acquire.

The Result

We used third party financial data, sentiment analysis and employee profiling to understand the stability of the vendor. We ‘read’ the top 200 global social media sources, paired down to relevant functional and IT specialists to identify clients and influencer opinion. Finally, we used NLP to automate a global search of alternative providers who address the same requirement using alternative technology approaches.

See Forestreet in action.