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Forestreet launches vendor discovery software for agile procurement.

Posted August 9, 2022 Forestreet launches vendor discovery software for agile procurement.

70% of CEO’s are trying to shorten and de-risk supply chains. Successive, unpredicted economic shocks require new approaches to sourcing. Finding alternative suppliers at short notice, building resilience or providing the business with comprehensive, reliable data on emerging categories are activities that are typically resource intensive, patchy in quality or plain expensive when they are outsourced to research consultancies.

Forestreet are now offering their research platform as a self-service software. Procurement leaders can now embed a remarkable research capability within their existing headcount by using our AI. The SaaS tool covers man-years of research into minutes, allowing real-time vendor and market discovery across 25 languages. Definitions of scope, geographical coverage and features of interest are all defined by the user. The tool is built to enable hard measurement and qualitative discovery.

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