Retail Banking

  • Identified and categorised potential providers
  • Developed a specialist tool to read and map GitHub
  • Returned thousands of potential algorithms

The Challenge

Lloyds Bank monitors a number of technology horizontals that will be used to enhance the service levels and efficiency of their operations. Voice transcription is one of these, with multiple use cases from fraud identification to customer support. Forestreet was asked to identify all of the relevant markets to input to the deployment roadmap.


The Result

In 5 working days we had identified and categorised 140 potential providers, each broken down into ‘features’ so that product comparison was possible. As there is a very active open-source community working in this space, we also developed a specialist tool to read and map GitHub (a global developer community and repository). This returned thousands of potential algorithms which we indexed based on use and re-combination to show which were mature enough for further investigation.