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Skills Matching – Feature Map

Posted October 19, 2020 Skills Matching – Feature Map

This feature map, also known as a ‘reference architecture’ is a way to show the totality of features available across the multiple offers in the market place. This is a first view but gives a useful overview of the market scope for this use case.

As with most technology categories, fractions of the target functionality can be found elsewhere. In this case we have eliminated some large groupings because the core offer is focused elsewhere, specifically:

  1. Learning Management Systems. They will often have a competency module. This is a huge market and would swamp this data set without improving alignment with the brief
  2. Applicant Tracking and general recruitment tools. These focus on effective volume recruitment and closing rather than strategic planning.
  3. Assessment and aptitude tests for general recruitment. We have included some examples where they are building very specific competence information e.g. coding competence.

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