AI Powered Market Discovery

Build your Market in Record Time with RapidReview

At Forestreet, we’re committed to providing our users with the most innovative and effective tools for success.

That’s why we’ve developed RapidReview – a game-changing feature that revolutionises market research.

With Forestreet RapidReview, you can research and build out your market in record time – all without ever leaving our platform. RapidReview allows you to review companies’ websites quickly and easily from within our platform saving you time and effort. 


Discover New Markets at Lightning Speed

Think search is cumbersome – think again. With Forestreet RapidReview you can view any website in a condensed reader-friendly mode. All within the platform. No more waiting for pages to load or fighting through ads – our tool pre-loads webpages and automatically blocks unwanted adverts.  It’s firewall and proxy agnostic too, so will display any webpage, wherever you are and whatever network you’re behind. So, you can cover more of the market with less of the faff.

Make Better Decisions Faster with Forestreet

In today’s fast-paced market, speed is essential. That’s why we’ve developed a RapidReview. In conjunction with our platform, RapidReview allows you to quickly assess companies and build out your market in record time.

Why Forestreet

Forestreet gives you research superpowers

Forestreet’s AI platform augments your expertise, to deliver high-quality research at pace.

Hyper speed

Fancy being able to read, analyse and index thousands of webpages in seconds? Collect all the key data points about revenue, funding and company location without lifting a finger? Our AI tool supercharges the whole research process, making impossible feats simple.

Super flexibility

Our powerful platform lets you iterate and learn as you go, adapting agilely to market fluctuations and changing business needs. Before you know it you’ll be pivoting and lunging across markets with a newly unleashed flexibility.

360° enhanced vision

Don’t settle for patchy market overviews and foggy guesswork. Our AI platform gives you a clear view of the whole market in one glance, magnifying trends which are otherwise a speck in the distance.


See how Forestreet can help your business deeply understand the market, find innovative, new vendors and supercharge your market intelligence processes.