Professional market analysis presentations

Transform Your Market Insights into Polished Presentations

Forestreet’s market insights export tool allows you to effortlessly transform your research data into a professional-quality report in just seconds.

Streamline your workflow and focus on what really matters: analysing your market’s data and crafting your message.


Maximise the Impact of Your Market Insights

Imagine being able to take all of your market analysis and insights and turn them into a powerful presentation that makes an impact on your audience.

Forestreet’s export feature allows you to create a professional-quality PowerPoint, at the press of a button, ready to communicate your findings in a way that resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re presenting to colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, our export tool will help you make a lasting impression.

Professional-Quality Market Reports in a Flash

Forestreet automatically creates a professional-quality PowerPoint report of your entire market or a segment of your market in seconds. Let us do the work for you so you can streamline your workflow and focus on what really matters: analysing your market’s data and crafting your message.

Click on the slides below to see a sample section of your professional market report.


Your Market Study in Numbers

Unlock compelling statistics that paint a clear picture of how you got your results.


Market Overview

Gain a high-level understanding of the market with a comprehensive overview of its size, growth, and key players


Market Movers

The top-performers in your market based on their revenue, web-traffic, ESG performance, sentiment and media analysis.


Feature Map

Explore market opportunities and identify untapped potential with an intuitive feature map that visualises key trends and customer needs.


Shortlisted Companies

Your curated list of companies that met your specific criteria and stood out as you were performing your research.


Company Profiles

A 360-degree view of a company's operations, strengths, and competitive advantages with the detailed company profile.

Access your free sample professional-quality report generated using Forestreet’s AI Powered tool.

Take Your Market Analysis Presentations to the Next Level

After using Forestreet’s powerful market discovery tool to discover and research any market, at the click of a button, you can export your research into a professional-quality PowerPoint, ready to present to your audience.

Get More Out of Your Market Research with Forestreet

With just a few clicks, you can export your market analysis directly into a professional PowerPoint, saving you time. Plus, the ability to easily share your findings with colleagues and stakeholders makes collaboration a breeze.

Why Forestreet

Forestreet gives you research superpowers

Forestreet’s AI platform augments your expertise, to deliver high-quality research at pace.

Hyper speed

Fancy being able to read, analyse and index thousands of webpages in seconds? Collect all the key data points about revenue, funding and company location without lifting a finger? Our AI tool supercharges the whole research process, making impossible feats simple.

Super flexibility

Our powerful platform lets you iterate and learn as you go, adapting agilely to market fluctuations and changing business needs. Before you know it you’ll be pivoting and lunging across markets with a newly unleashed flexibility.

360° enhanced vision

Don’t settle for patchy market overviews and foggy guesswork. Our AI platform gives you a clear view of the whole market in one glance, magnifying trends which are otherwise a speck in the distance.


See how Forestreet can help your business deeply understand the market, find innovative, new vendors and supercharge your market intelligence processes.