Corporate esg analysis

Discover True Sustainability Leaders in Any Market

Forestreet helps you analyse ESG performance at a market or company level. Whether the company is private or public.

Our advanced AI analyses hundreds of thousands of ESG related articles, across 26 key risk areas to deliver a comprehensive ESG performance analysis of your market.


Unleash the Power of AI to Analyse ESG

Risks and Opportunities

Forestreet’s AI delivers Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis at a market and company level.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, our platform categorises news articles and webpages into 26 key risk areas, giving you a comprehensive view of your market’s ESG landscape.

We also provide sentiment analysis for each article, so you can quickly understand whether the result is positive or negative.

Get Ahead of the Curve with AI-Driven ESG Risk Categorisation

We do the hard work for you by searching for and analysing thousands of ESG related news articles and webpages for public and private companies in your market. We then use a powerful AI to categorise each result across 26 key risk factors, including business ethics, employee diversity, and ecological impacts.

Forestreet’s AI categorises your market’s ESG performance into 26 key risk areas:


  • GHG Emissions
  • Physical Impacts of Climate Change
  • Product Design and Lifecycle Management
  • Energy Management
  • Ecological Impacts
  • Product Quality and Safety
  • Air Quality
  • Waste and Hazardous Materials Management
  • Water and Wastewater Management


  • Human Rights and Community Relations
  • Employee Engagement Inclusion and Diversity
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Access and Affordability
  • Data Security
  • Customer Privacy
  • Customer Welfare


  • Business Ethics
  • Business Model Resilience
  • Management of Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Systemic Risk Management
  • Labor Practices
  • Competitive Behaviour
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Critical Incident Risk Management
  • Director Removal
  • Selling Practices and Product Labelling

Invest in a Better World with Forestreet

Forestreet’s ESG data exploration dashboard provides users with powerful tools to analyse and understand environmental, social, and governance trends. From carbon emissions and water usage to board diversity and employee engagement, Forestreet provides the insights and tools needed to help you make informed ESG decisions.

Make Better Business Decisions with Forestreet

With our powerful ESG AI at your fingertips, you can identify industry leaders and laggards, make informed investment decisions, and enhance your company’s sustainability strategy.

Why Forestreet

Forestreet gives you research superpowers

Forestreet’s AI platform augments your expertise, to deliver high-quality research at pace.

Hyper speed

Fancy being able to read, analyse and index thousands of webpages in seconds? Collect all the key data points about revenue, funding and company location without lifting a finger? Our AI tool supercharges the whole research process, making impossible feats simple.

Super flexibility

Our powerful platform lets you iterate and learn as you go, adapting agilely to market fluctuations and changing business needs. Before you know it you’ll be pivoting and lunging across markets with a newly unleashed flexibility.

360° enhanced vision

Don’t settle for patchy market overviews and foggy guesswork. Our AI platform gives you a clear view of the whole market in one glance, magnifying trends which are otherwise a speck in the distance.


See how Forestreet can help your business deeply understand the market, find innovative, new vendors and supercharge your market intelligence processes.