Discover your research power: David speaks to Futurise ai on Real-Time Insights and Responsible AI

“Initially, our client identified 15 competitors, but our platform was able to uncover 200 competitors. This extensive list enables us to offer a comprehensive and global perspective on the competitive landscape, which is our unique advantage.” – David Doyle

In the latest episode of Futurise, our Founder and CEO, David Doyle, engages in an insightful conversation with Entrepreneur, Rob Price. Together, they delve into various topics, including assisting category managers in procurement find the best value and helping investors in assessing market competition. During the episode, David offers real-world examples that highlight the impactful work being done by Forestreet, such as the delivery of real-time, unbiased information across any category and globally.

We work really hard to be data-driven because it’s one of the founding principles of the business. We are data-driven as opposed to opinion or proximity-driven.

David also addresses these key questions:

  1. What does Forestreet do?
  2. Why people and businesses should be interested?
  3. How does Forestreet ensure responsible AI practices?
  4. How to find the right AI talent?
  5. What is your vision for Forestreet?

Listen to the full episode by clicking below.

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