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Once you’ve published your study, you\’ll be taken to a new page where 3 processes will run to populate our analysis tools. These processes are; Enrichment, News & Events, and Insights & Analysis.

  • Enrichment process – we gather a complete 360-degree view of each company, acquiring data on a variety of data points including social media profiles, funding, revenue, web traffic, and growth.
  • News & Events – we find, analyse, and process a multitude of news articles for each company using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.
  • Insights and Analysis – we compile all of the data captured for each company and generate insights that power our interactive widgets. To do this, it gets web scrape data and then processes it via our special software component which we use to implement interactive explorations; our widgets.

The Study Status will display initially showing the three processes running. You can close the status box and start interacting with the study whilst the enrichment processes run in the background. Once complete, a box will appear in the right-hand corner stating a new version of the study is ready to view. Click the box to see the updated analytics.

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