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Market research heavily relies on manual processes, which are both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Unfortunately, these methods are prone to errors and often lead to poor results. Recognising this challenge, there’s a growing need for a solution that can efficiently discover, map, and target companies to facilitate market growth.

One key strategy for capitalising on sales opportunities is focusing on companies with whom you have an existing relationship. Forestreet addresses this need by helping users identify businesses that closely resemble their existing client base, and offers a solution to the inefficiencies in market research, providing a means to optimise growth strategies through targeted company identification.


Forestreet is an AI-driven SaaS vendor and market discovery tool, supercharging your research capabilities.

  • Curate intelligent target lists in minutes rather than months
  • Leverage AI to map highly complex markets, providing both depth and breadth
  • Complete detailed topic analysis on the market and services
  • Act as first-stage procurement

Using the tool enables you to target more companies and have a more accurate read across to your current clients and case studies.

Caxton case study

Forestreet plays an important role in Caxton‘s first stage sales strategy by supporting their efforts to build a robust pipeline. The tool has been used to identify and curate target companies ensuring a strong start.

The technology will replace two full-time research interns and will be used to focus on three stages:

  1. Testing out niche markets for attractiveness
  2. Identifying similar companies to existing clients
  3. Supporting the account managers when they do their annual account reviews

Forestreet has been hugely beneficial to us as a business. It has provided us with high-quality business intelligence and has saved us the cost of needing to hire two full-time interns!

Melanie Mills, CRO Caxton