Global Consultancy

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  • Provided a visible market
  • Built a taxonomy and an initial training data set
  • Mapped and enriched vendors / products

The Challenge

‘FinTech’ is an area where huge investment and innovation is driving change. It is becoming increasingly hard for practitioners to track the number and variety of tools available. Forestreet was asked to prove that it is possible to automate the identification and tracking of vendors and products.


The Result

We worked with Deloitte’s experts to build a taxonomy and an initial training data set for a critical category of FinTech. From there we used audience overlap, organic and paid search terms as pathways to extend the training set until we had provided a visible market that was four times larger than the original estimate. 800 vendors and 1,500 products are now automatically mapped and enriched. Each vendor can be interrogated for use-case, locations, technology skills base, growth rates, sentiment and investment, amongst others.