Global Consultancy

  • Identified market trends
  • Mapped and enriched using Natural Language Processing
  • Provided a searchable data file

The Challenge

Workplace Experience is an important capability for KPMG. Technology is driving much of the change in this area. Forestreet were asked to scan the market for emerging technologies and insights so that KPMG could provide unique thought leadership to their clients.


The Result

Forestreet worked from KPMG’s proprietary model and, by identifying market trends, built out two further levels of detail. 3,279 companies were automatically mapped and enriched against this framework by using Natural Language Processing to identify objective alignment with the use case. This approach identified many innovations that were consistent but not obvious e.g. the relevance of some video game technology in L&D. These cross-overs are often missed in ‘expert’ market definitions. As with all Forestreet research a searchable data file was provided to allow ongoing analysis.