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Search Bar

The Search Bar is a feature designed to make it easier to move around the Forestreet platform. Using the Search Bar, you can browse from study to study more easily, search for specific categories, companies and teams, and access our user manual.  To access the Search Bar, you have two options: you can use the …

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The statistics feature gives you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what is happening when you create a study; from the moment you select to identify a market for your chosen study, through to every subsequent pass while a study is being published.  You can find the statistics mode in the following areas:  Homepage  The …

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Connecting to Rapid Review

To make Forestreet work properly, more specifically RapidReview, it’s important that the connection between your web browser and Forestreet is not blocked. These are the so-called Web-socket connections A blocked connection can be caused by: AdBlocker / Cookie blocker browser extensions Antivirus and Firewall software Proxy and VPN connections The Error When using RapidReview you see the message: …

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Search Query

The Search Query is a way of getting more relevant and precise study results, in order to make the most of the app. It gives an indication of how strong your search criteria is, the lower the Search Query bar is, the more likely it is you will be receiving less relevant results. The higher …

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Current View

The Current View can be changed with a drop down within the platform.   Clicking on the dropdown then lets you select from List View, Cluster View, Category Analysis and News & Events.

Creating Teams and New Users

Creating Teams will be accessible by your teams assigned Super-User who will first be granted access to Forestreet. They can then add additional users following the process: Click on the initials in the top right corner   Select ‘Teams’ from the dropdown   Invite Users via the email address Once sent, a notice of invitation …

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Move a Study To a Topic

To move a study to a topic: Click on the three dots of your chosen study Select your chosen topic from the dropdown box Click move and save Once you follow this process scroll down to find your studies within the topics at the bottom of the screen.

Create a Topic

To create Topics for your studies select Create a Topic at the top of the homepage. Enter topic name Enter topic description Save and Create Scroll to the bottom to find find the new topic Creating topics is a good way to categorise studies of a particular subject.


Notepad lets you make notes to any company you choose; simply open the notepad, click on create a note, and then select the relevant company from the selection box before writing notes or making a generic message. This will immediately save, and you might see any more comments from all companies by clicking the notepad …

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Rapid Review – published

The Rapid Review function is used in the same way as when reviewing companies. It can be opened or hidden with the show/hide rapid review button whilst in the Detailed View.